The 18 Best Bras for Big Boobs

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Shopping for bras can be a tedious and uncomfortable process, especially for women with big boobs. Despite what the diamond-studded fantasy bras of years past may tell us, bras can feel extremely unsexy to try on and purchase. And many American lingerie manufacturers cater to smaller cup and band sizes, leaving bustier consumers with ill-fitting or drab styles, if they’re left with anything at all. To help you avoid the stress of buying a bra in-store, we searched through all the comments on Amazon and tried bras ourselves to find the best ones on the market. Read on for 18 tried-and-true options.

The Best Affordable Bra for Big Boobs

I’m almost never the girl who reaches for a full-coverage bra, but when I absolutely need it, Felina is my go-to. Its bras are designed with a comfortable fit that shapes and supports breasts without any annoying underwire. While this bra is designed for a plunge fit, it still gives an ample amount of coverage and has zero spillage. Available in sizes 32C to 44H. —Asia Milia Ware

The Best Minimizer Bra for Big Boobs

Frequent Cut contributor Aude White has raved about Chantelle, a French brand that makes bras that are both well fitting and sexy. This minimizer can reduce up to a cup and a half in size and has more than 250 positive reviews. Shoppers say that its sleek silhouette makes it ideal under T-shirts but that the material might not be well suited for hot days. Available in sizes 32D to 44F. —Anne Cruz

The Best Bralette for Big Boobs

I didn’t know I could wear bralettes until I tried Skims. As someone with double Ds, I always thought bralettes were out of the question because they lacked coverage. But when quarantine ended and I started going out again, I found it really uncomfortable to go back to underwire bras, so I opted for Skims’ bralette — and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Not only does it feel comfortable all day long, but it gives me the perfect cleavage and has a soothing and flattering fit. It comes in neutral colors plus hues like bright neon for the days I want to be extra. Available in sizes XXS to 3X. —A.M.W.

The Sexiest Mesh Bra

There’s something about mesh that instantly makes me feel sexy. But everything about this bra makes me feel sexy: the color, the plunge, the shape. I rave about it to all my friends who are in search of a new bra, especially one that fits great under tees (just wear the nude color so it doesn’t show through). Available in sizes 30A to 38H. —A.M.W.

The Versatile Favorite

As the 2,000-plus reviews attest, customers love this bra — its sheer lace details, its wide and supportive straps, and its affordable price point. You’ll also like the variety of shades, which include standard neutrals as well as pretty pastel hues of green and blue. The only downside is the bra tends to ride high up the sides, so you won’t be able to wear it with certain tank tops.
Available in sizes 34B to 44H. —A.C.

The Supercomfortable, Wire-Free One

Finally, a bra you won’t want to sling across the room the moment you get home. This bra has almost 4,000 reviews (!!!), with more than 2,000 five-star reviews alone. Shoppers compliment its support and lift, and we especially like the satin details that add a minimalist touch of femininity. The only potential downside is that the bra’s high coverage might peek out from certain necklines. Available in sizes 36B to 42DDD. —A.C.

A Plunge-Neckline Option

Bras for bigger boobs often have a higher rise of fabric between the breasts, and that can peek out under V-necked shirts or dresses. Not so with this bra from Elomi. One reviewer says this bra was a rare find that provided both cleavage and support. Just be careful while making your size selection, as both U.S. and U.K. sizes are available. Available in sizes 32H to 46D. —A.C.

The Best Strapless Style

A perfect strapless bra seems too good to be true, but according to the hundreds of customers who bought this one, Wacoal has done the impossible. The material is sturdy, and the bra features grippy silicone to keep it from sliding down throughout the day. One reviewer notes it has a minimizing effect as well. Available in sizes 30D to 44G. —A.C.

The Absolute Prettiest Minimizer

We’ve written about this minimizer before, and it’s worth the hype. Reviewers say the bra is both extremely cozy and sexy, and it comes in great colors, including royal blue and Tibetan red — all that and it’s under $30.
Available in sizes 32C to 44DDD. —A.C.

If You Like Bras That Close in Front

Customers love the thick straps on this lacy full-coverage bra, and the racerback design helps prevent the straps from slipping off every five seconds. Some reviewers note that the fabric is lightweight and unpadded, so it’s a good pick to wear under a sweater, but not so much with thin T-shirts. Available in sizes 34B to 48E. —A.C.

The Best High-Impact Sports Bra for Big Boobs

Photo: retailer

This bra has ten hook-and-eye closures to keep everything in place during the most intense workouts. One enthusiastic reviewer writes, “I’m a 34DD, and these changed my life. This bra made exercising enjoyable and made it possible for me to do a lot of things that were once painful. Now, whenever I see another large-breasted comrade run by, I wince at the sinusoidal motion of their boobs and I hope to myself that they are running to the store to get an Enell bra.” The only con, another reviewer notes, is that “it takes an act of God and a willing partner to get into,” so if you’re doing mostly low-impact activities, this one might not be worth the effort. Available in sizes 0 to 8. Enell uses its own measurement system, which can be found here. —A.C.

The Best Adjustable Sports Bra for Big Boobs

You know those ads that won’t stop popping up on Instagram but look too good to be true? That’s what Shefit was for me. I saw its bras during my daily scrolls so often that I had to try one for myself — and I was amazed. I’ve tried a lot of high-impact sports bras, and this is in no way average. I love the fact that it has a zip front that’s secured with an auto lock, because I’ve had sports bras slowly zip down on me. But the best part is the adjustable straps. You can customize the shoulder straps and the bust band for the most compressible and supportive fit. Good-bye to the days of jumping boobies: My morning runs and HIIT workouts will never be the same. Available in sizes XS to 6LUXE. —A.M.W.

If You Hate Excessive Sweat

Nike sports bras can be hit or miss for women with bigger boobs, but this one is a star. It’s designed with a chest overlay that minimizes bouncing and adds an extra layer of support. But the support isn’t the best part of this bra for me: It’s the Dri-Fit quality. I like to go from running to lifting weights without feeling like I’m drenched in sweat, and the moisture-wicking material in this bra soaks it all up. Available in sizes XL to 2XL. —A.M.W.

The Sexiest Performance Sports Bra

Serena Williams, the GOAT, wears sports bras only from Berlei. I’m sold!
Available in sizes 30D to 40C. —A.C.

Best T-Shirt Bra

There’s nothing like wearing your favorite T-shirt but having boob spillage plunging through it. A good T-shirt bra eliminates that issue. Third Love’s T-shirt bra combines smoothing fabric with an ideal cup fit for a breathable and everyday-wear bra under anything, but especially cotton tees. The memory-foam material provides a comfort that almost makes you forget you’re wearing one. Not only is it comforting and smoothing, but it’s also inclusive of all cup sizes up to a size H. Never worry about wearing your favorite tee again. —A.M.W.

The Racerback

Bigger boobs deserve a racerback bra that isn’t limited to sports bras. The thick straps on this bra gives comfort without compromising support. With its slight boob-lifting effect and the velvety-smooth fabric, this bra is easily a go-to for daily wear. It is a personal favorite during the summer and for vacation under light tank tops. —A.M.W.

The Best Longline Bralette

You can never go wrong with a sultry longline bra; it’s flattering to the waist and gives an instant and natural lift. This foil-lace design is a metallic treat for your lingerie drawer. —A.M.W.

Built-In Bra, Anyone?

Let’s be honest: There are some days that you want to be 100 percent braless, but with a larger bust, it’s not always that easy. Insert: Buzzoms, the brand that wants to start the “braless revolution” by creating wearable pieces with built-in bras that actually cater to larger breasts. This bodysuit effortlessly cups boobs with high support (yes, even with a one-shoulder design). It’s the perfect going-out piece that still allows you to be comfortable, supported, and at ease. —A.M.W.

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18 Tried-and-True Bras for Big Boobs