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The 18 Best Winter Gloves for Women

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We’re getting to that time of the year when venturing outdoors with naked fingers is pure agony. Not only is it time to dust off your winter coats, sweaters, and boots, but also to start stocking up on winter gloves. It’s a good idea to just go ahead and buy a variety of pairs so you’re not caught bare-handed in the freezing winds. Below, we’ve rounded up 18 pairs in all sorts of varieties, including some everyday wool pairs, leather or suede ones for fancier occasions, and a more heavy-duty waterproof pair for snow day activities. And since we’re all addicted to our phones, over half of these work with a touchscreen.

The No. 1 Best Seller

These gloves check all the boxes: comfortable, warm, touchscreen compatible, anti-slip palms, not too bulky, and a selection of colors. No wonder they’re the top seller on Amazon with 35,000 reviews.
Available in sizes M–XL.

Fingerless Gloves That Double As Mittens

Sometimes you really need to use your bare fingers without the rest of your hand freezing.
Available in one size fits most.

The Sleek Leather Pair

Black leather gloves are a staple of any winter wardrobe.
Available in sizes M–XL.

For the Layering Lover

If you’re perpetually cold, why not get a pair of gloves that do more layering for you?
Available in one size fits most.

An Affordable Faux Suede

Suede gloves can be really expensive, but they’re so elegant. Here’s a version that look good but won’t break the bank.
Available in one size fits all.

For the Fancy Lady

Wear these on your horse-drawn carriage through Central Park with a glass of Champagne in your hand.
Available in one size fits most.

If You’re Really in the Holiday Spirit

If the twinkling lights of the holidays speak to you, buy some twinkling gloves.
Available in one size fits most.

If You’re Athletic

Some athletes don’t stop just because it’s freezing outside. So here’s a pair that’ll keep up with all the activities.
Available in sizes S–XL.

For the Clumsy

For phone droppers everywhere.
Available in sizes XS - L.

When It’s Really Cold

It’s a good idea to have some gloves that’ll withstand below-freezing temperatures just in case.
Available in sizes S–XL.

If You Love Winter Color

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t wear a lot of color. These come in shades of blue, pink, green, and brown.
Available in one size fits most.

A Luxurious Go-to Cashmere Option

Your hands deserve the best, too.
Available in one size fits most.

A Toasty Leather Pair

Not only are these leather, but they give you the option to choose between fleece or cashmere lining.
Available in sizes S–XXL.

If You Have an Eye for Detail

Small button details combined with the leather make these look a lot more expensive than $10.
Available in sizes S–XXL.

Who doesn’t love a bundle deal?
Available in one size fits most.

A Pair to Match Your Puffer

Puffers are a staple coat every winter because they’re reliably warm. Your hands can have the same thing, too.
Available in sizes S–L.

For Frolicking in the Snow

Whether you’re on the slopes or throwing snowballs in the park, get a pair of gloves that’ll keep your hands warm and dry.
Available in sizes S–XL.

Just Some Good Ol’ Mittens

Who knows what realistic function mittens have, but they’re a classic nonetheless.
Available in one size fits most.

This article was originally published on November 21, 2019. It has been updated throughout. If you buy something through our links, New York may earn an affiliate commission. 

The 18 Best Winter Gloves for Women